Woman Complains Wedding Dress ‘Looks Nothing Like Photo’ Only To Be Told She Is Wearing It Inside Out

American bride Aubrey Deux recently posted a funny story about shopping for wedding dresses online on her Facebook page. During overtime and final exams, Aubrey’s wedding dress was delivered.

Sleepy Audrey decided to try on her dress, but was seriously skeptical when she looked in the mirror – it was nothing like a photo posted on the internet.

Aubrey contacted the company that shipped her dress to complain, only to be told she’d made a huge mistake. Check out the hilarious story below!

This is the dress she ordered online…

This is what the dress looked like when Audrey tried it on… something is definitely wrong!

And here is one more photo

Aubrey wrote, “This was not a joke, I wish it were but I am not that creative,” She went on to explain, “I have no idea about fashion or shipping measures for formal dresses. I wear scrubs and tactical boots for a living…”.

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