Can YOU spot the bee buzzing among the flowers?

A challenging new seek-and-find puzzle is tasking players with finding the tiny bee among the meadow of flowers. The baffling brainteaser shows three different colored flowers with one small bee hiding somewhere in the picture and was created by ethical online florist Arena Flowers!

However, while you are struggling to solve many people who are difficult to solve many people, can you configure new records? Another tax puzzle challenges the player to find the only dog with a diamond ring on the necklace.

United Kingdom Jewelry manufacturer created by a purely diamond, indicates that I jumped and drilled a few dogs. But only one puppy has valuable gems hanging from the loop from the necklace. Which is better?

Scroll down for reveal It comes after research revealed 1 in 10 pet owners now give their precious dogs or cats a central role in their wedding day – with some even trusted to carry the wedding rings down the aisle.

Take a close look and see if you can find the only dog trusted with the responsibility in this busy scene. If you’re struggling to solve the brainteaser, try looking at the middle of each collar for one which is slightly longer.

Still not having any luck? The dog is to the right of the centre of the image.

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