Cancer!!! Do Not Eat This Food

Here comes those carcinogenic foods you don’t want to hear! But the truth is the truth. In today’s world, our bodies are full of carcinogenic chemicals, tobacco, and other carcinogens. But the worst thing we’re doing … may just be eating.

1. Hydrogenated Oils

Hydrogenated oil is found in many foods. Examples include prepackaged foods, snacks, and margarine. These oils were once vegetable oils, but were later processed into trans fats. It is strongly recommended that this type of fat can cause a variety of cancers.


Aside from the fact that processed popcorn can contain these hydrogenated oils, microwave popcorn has been suggested to cause cancer. Namely, lung cancer. It is said there is a chemical on the inside of the non-stick bag that can wreak havoc on our system and become carcinogenic.

3.Lunch Meat

Processed lunch meat is loaded all sorts of harmful substances. For starters, the animal could have been fed pesticides or GMOs. But more often than that harming us, the nitrates used to preserve the meat is far more harmful.

4. Hot Dogs

Much like lunch meat, hot dogs contain all sorts of cancer-causing love. Like lunch meat, they also contain sodium phosphate which is a known killer. To put it into perspective, it is suggested that over 34,000 people die each year due to processed meat.

5. Soda and Other Sweets

Sugar is bad…plain and simple. But it isn’t the glucose found in fruits that are doing it, but rather the white sugars that have been heavily processed. Cancer loves sugar and tumors feed off of it! The more processed, the better for cancer cells.

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