This is why you should rub a banana peel on your feet

When the temperatures rise above a certain point, we like to put away our boots and sneakers and get out our sandals and flip-flops. This way, we’ll be able to keep our feet nice and cool! Plus, we love showing off our cute sandals. But are your feet ready for summer?

If they aren’t, you should eat a banana and then use the peel for today’s handy trick. When it comes to giving your feet a pedicure, banana peels can come in handy!

Healthy. First, let’s talk about the incredible health benefits of bananas. Eating two bananas per day can help you in a variety of ways. They do, however, contain a lot of sugar, so if you have diabetes, you should be cautious when eating this fruit.

If you’re not diabetic, though, bananas are great for you! If you eat them frequently, you’ll have more energy, your muscles will cramp less frequently, you’ll have less trouble with stomach acid and your bowel movements will improve.

Eating bananas also help against anemia, so if you have an iron deficiency, it’s a good idea to eat bananas. That’s all good and well, but you probably want to know why you should rub banana peels on your feet. Go to the next page to read all about it!

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