Grandma Busts Floss Dance Move. She did better than Katy Perry!

People love catchy dance moves. They’re fun, silly, can be a workout, and can make people smile! Plus, it feels good, and some of us look good doing it (and even if you think you don’t, who cares!)! They can be challenging and sometimes they can be easy. Either way, they’re always entertaining! Anyone can create them and thanks to the advent of the internet, now anyone can make these moves popular.

There are some moves that spread like wildfire. There have been a plethora of celebrities who have graced popular culture over the years, and the list is still growing! How can we forget Chubby Checker’s “The Twist” or the Macarena? What about the Village People’s “YMCA” and Psy’s smash “Gangnam Style”? ” The list goes on and on!

Do you know the “floss dance?” The dance is where a person clenches his/her fists and swings his/her arms from the back to the front in a flossing motion. It looks easy, but people have made comments that it takes a little technique. So when Russell Horning, a teen known as the “Backpack Kid,”

first came up with the move in his bedroom and it went viral, people all over the world picked up on it. And now, it’s been brought to an IHOP in Clarksville, Indiana, USA. Just as this 70-year-old grandma was leaving the local IHOP with her family, she was taken aback when she saw a young boy “flossing.” She was so wowed, she handed him a dollar.

He insisted that she give it a shot, and it looks like she got the hang of it quickly. She started a little slow and hesitant as she figured out the technique involved, but within seconds, she’s going at it and nails the move!

Her small but devoted fan base screams and cheers for her! “She grew up in the 50s and 60s and lived for social dances,” her daughter says. She is also a 20-year retired pastor of a church. In the end, she was praising God, but she felt like a bomb herself.” I think she did an excellent job! Do you believe you have what it takes?

What other dance moves do you remember from back in the day? Share those with us below! We’d love to try them out! Click below to watch this young-at-heart woman totally nail a tricky move. She did better than Katy Perry!

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