School Plans Birthday Party For 77-Year-Old Janitor.Click below to watch the entire surprise unfold! We’re sure it’ll bring tears of happiness to your eyes.

Birthdays are special. As much as we’re excited to celebrate another year for ourselves, I think we’re even happier to celebrate the birthdays of those we love. It’s not only a chance to make them feel special, but a small celebration really helps you recognize some of your most favorite people in the world. This birthday celebration can be for a spouse, sibling, parent, teacher, or even someone else that holds a special spot in your heart.

The video below features Frances Buzzard, a 77-year-old janitor at Belle Elementary School in West Virginia. Ms. Frances is in charge of keeping the school clean. She is the most important person when it comes to understanding what constitutes a sanitary and safe learning environment for children. Ms. Frances is also the birthday girl in this clip!

When the school principal found out that the kind and caring woman had never had a birthday party, she said that the school had to do something about it. Her birthday was on January 30, but because she wasn’t going to be at work that week, the principal and students thought it would be nice to give Ms. Frances a surprise birthday party, ahead of time. We’re glad that this was set up for her, the janitor is so deserving of the celebration and the attention.

They called a “assembly” in the middle of the school day and gathered all of the students and staff. When Ms. Frances walks into the gym, everyone yells, “SURPRISE!” She had no idea that this gathering was being held in her honor until the principal announced it.

The 77-year-old is then seen with a birthday sash and crown and is seated right in the center; the school also put together a video presentation on her life. It was a truly special moment for everyone, especially the birthday girl, and she was in tears by the end of it. We don’t blame her for getting emotional at all. A surprise like this not only catches you off guard but it also makes you appreciate those that appreciate you. This moment was so special for Ms. Frances and truly spoke volumes about what a great school Elle Elementary School is.

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Click below to watch the entire surprise unfold! We’re sure it’ll bring tears of happiness to your eyes.

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