The only white and brown panda in the world.. How he found a happiness?

Abandoned by his mom at just two months old, this baby named Qizai has also faced opposition from other giant pandas. The fact is that he has a special unique color.

Qizai is white and brown, not black and white like all gigantic pandas. In China’s Foping Panda Valley big panda park, this distinction has made him a real star.

In the Qinling Mountains, Qizai was discovered weakened and neglected in a natural reserve. People are certain, though, that she was dressed in the traditional black and white.

Why Qizai is a distinct color is still unknown; scientists can only speculate that it is due to a rare genetic abnormality. The park workers decided to find him a female to mate with as quickly as possible.

Perhaps their babies will be born white-brown as well, giving scientists more opportunities to research this phenomenon. When Qizai was younger, other pandas in the park treated him with dislike and even stole food from him.

Now the relationship has become calmer and Qizai even has his own “security guard” who looks after him all day and makes sure that Qizai ate on time.

Quizay weighs 100kg and eats 20kg of bamboo daily. According to a park employee, “Qizai is a little slower than other pandas but cute, gentle, funny and adorable.”

The world’s only brown panda who was abandoned as a baby finally finds happiness.

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