Homeless Man Underwent A Life-Changing Transformation, And His Family Found Him Thanks To A Kind Pastor

We must work to make the world a better place to live, and one way to do so is to be benevolent. Kindness is an important method to make others happy, and isn’t it what we want for the world? Goden bought Dean new clothes and took him to a salon for a haircut and bath the same day.

As soon as he had Dean looking handsome again, they went back to the mall for a delightful meal! As shared on Facebook by God, he wrote that: “The mall made him smile.” Also, we must commend magnanimous people as a form of encouragement to others, which is why we chose to share how this good Samaritan in the Philippines saved a man from a destitute life.

Pastor Franklin Goden was going about his daily chores when he passed by a mall in Quezon City and noticed a homeless man scrounging for food in a trash can. He approached the man and found out that his name was Erwin Dean. Out of the goodness of his heart, Goden took Dean on a life-altering journey that went beyond their expectations.

The Facebook post got several warm comments and many internet users praised the man of Goden for his act of kindness. There were some rare comments where netizens tried to put down the man’s actions by criticizing the fact that he announced his benevolence on Facebook. However, these accusations were soon shut down when Dean’s story took an unexpected turn.

Due to God’s Facebook post, Dean’s long-lost family was able to find him, exactly as the pastor had hoped! “I want his family to see him. I am talking to his brother, crying and thanking and praising God.” Dean’s brother reached out to Goden, and they were able to reunite the man with his family. Now, Dean doesn’t have to spend another night on the streets.

Helping people can never be underrated because one good deed can go a longer way than you imagined. It is only reasonable that people should continue to be kind because it costs nothing but brings about joy to all parties involved.

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