Can You Find the Hidden Objects in These Pictures? Find the hidden ring

The “find the concealed objects” problems appear to be simple enough. How much searching is required to find something truly unique, such as a dog, a turtle, or a hat? Add in a slew of perplexing forms, colors, and other objects that look eerily similar to what you’re looking for, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for disaster.

You’ve also got some extremely difficult visual brain teasers. You’ll discover a variety of photographs containing a hidden object below, as well as hidden picture games for many moods and seasons. Give yourself a true test by giving yourself only 45 seconds to locate each item and seeing how well you do! Also, have a look at some of our favorite brain games.

1. Find the hidden chick…

Spot The Chick Amongst The Daffodils Hidden Objects puzzle

The first of these hidden picture puzzles are Easter-themed. Feel Good Contacts challenges you to find the chick among the daffodils—and there are a whole lot of daffodils!

You’ll need to use your (wait for it) peepers to spot this little birdie. Look for its beady eyes! And, after you find it, try to determine how many ducks you see in this viral riddle.

2. Find the hidden ring

1. Here is the answer!

Spot The Chick Amongst The Daffodils Hidden Objects Puzzle Answer

2. And the answer is:

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