Find the hidden “For Sale” sign

Each image has a time limit of 45 seconds. It’s game time! The “find the concealed objects” problems appear to be simple enough. How much searching is required to find something truly unique, such as a dog, a turtle, or a hat? Add in a slew of perplexing shapes, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Add in some colors and other objects that look suspiciously like what you’re looking for, and you’ve got yourself some hard visual brain puzzles. You’ll discover a variety of photographs containing a hidden object below, as well as hidden picture games for many moods and seasons!

1. Find the hidden “For Sale” sign

This little guy is hiding out in the forest, but we think you can spot him! This challenging puzzle comes to us courtesy of land conservation company Celtic Titles.

2. Find the hidden hedgehog

1. Find the hidden “For Sale” sign answer

2. Find the hidden hedgehog answer

Give yourself a real test by only allowing 45 seconds to spot each thing, and see how you do! Plus, check out even more of our best brain games. There are signs in the yard of all these houses—but they all say “Sold” except one! In this puzzle from Canada-based mortgage broker Alan Harder, can you find the one “For Sale” sign?

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