Lost Toddler Spends 4 Days Alone In The Woods. Watch Lyuda’s story of adventure in the woods in the video below

2-year-old Lyuda Kuzina was playing with her 4-year-old sister in the garden of her family’s summer home in Tyomkinsky, but Lyuda had vanished into the forest as her mother spoke with a neighbor for a brief period.

Hundreds of volunteers and police officers gathered to assist in the search for her. The second night was rainy, and the third night was cold, so divers looked for a body in the adjacent reservoirs, but she wasn’t there!

On the fourth day, the Salvare search team was taking a rest when they heard a noise. They followed it and found Lyuda who was hiding in some branches under a tree.

One of the rescuers said in an interview, “She replies to our questions. She tells us fairytales. She is a princess.”Another search team member said that the toddler was not hesitant in greeting the team when they found her, and everyone was in tears over finding her alive.

Lyuda was taken to a children’s hospital to be checked out and had been moved from intensive care to the regular ward after a few days.The little girl was covered in bug bites and nettle rashes but she managed to avoid the bears and wolves wandering the area.

Antonina, Lyuda’s mom said in an interview, “She’s quite adamant she’ll never run away from Mum again. Although quite how long she’ll remember that promise, I have no idea. But at least she says so.”

Watch Lyuda’s story of adventure in the woods in the video below

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