A wedding is, without a doubt, a highly special day in the life of any woman. Brides, especially when it comes to their wedding gown, want everything to be flawless. Some ladies enjoy unconventional wedding gown designs, while others may be critical of their choices.

Most people are accustomed to wedding gowns being pure white, therefore they may find it difficult to accept other variations and patterns. However, such comments can be extremely off-putting to a bride who believes her gown is flawless!

his bride decided to make her big day very special and chose an unusual wedding dress design with a dip-dye lower skirt.


The lower part of the dress has different shades of color including pink, a bright red hue, and dark burgundy, respectively. The photo of the wedding dress became viral right away, and lots of Internet users said it reminded them of a sanitary product.

“Am I the only one that thinks tampon?”

But it’s not the most unusual wedding dress. Here is another one!

Bride Chooses A Very Unusual Wedding Dress That Looks Like A Sanitary Product

Her wedding was indeed special with such an unusual dress!

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