She Writes About Her Parent’s Relationship On FB And Its Going Viral.

You see these two people laughing? They are my parents. My father was helping my mother put on her new compression stockings and the compression stockings won. They have been together for 52 years and married for almost 47 years. Their relationship is what I have always strived for and ultimately found with my husband.

They aren’t flawless in any way. They don’t have a limitless amount of romanticism. They don’t go on lavish outings on a regular basis. What do they have? Despite everything that has been hurled at them, they have an unwavering love for one another. They are giggling. They do the difficult things together and stick by one other no matter what happens!

Couple Gets A 60 Year Anniversary Photoshoot By Their Granddaughter. - YouTube

They each play a pivotal role in their relationship. They each are selfless human beings who love their children and grandchildren with their entire beings… but do you know who they loved first and continue to keep a priority?

Each other. They make choices… together. They compromise… together. They figure stuff out… together. Is it always sunshine and rainbows? Absolutely not!
Nothing that is priceless comes without faults. Their love is an effortless effort (as my sister always says). They put in the work because they reap the benefits.

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It’s effort, but it comes naturally because they want their relationship to stay strong and last. So, if you’re still trying to get it right with someone out there? Make sure they’re willing to laugh, put in the effort, and then love on you after helping you put on compression stockings.

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