Horse Begins To Dance When The Music Changes. Watch the Video below

Dance is ingrained in our culture. I don’t think anyone has ever gone through life without busting a move at least once. No matter how much you “don’t want to dance,” there will always be that one song that will drag you to your feet and bring you to the dance floor.

It doesn’t have to be the dance floor, either. You may feel compelled to dance in your living room while listening to your favorite song. That’s something I’ve seen a lot of people do previously. But, every now and again, I find myself wondering how animals manage to control their urges. Do they even, or do they break out into dance? You should know that animals can dance as well.

Have you ever seen a dancing horse? Surely not. But if you’ve ever been interested in seeing a dancing horse then you’ve most certainly come to the right place. Why? Well, you’re about to be introduced to a horse that has better moves than you on the dance floor, and you will probably fall in love instantly, like the other 18 million viewers.

The horse in the video is nine-year-old Blue, and his human, Andreas Helgstrand. The pair puts on an absolutely mesmerizing show at the WEG2006 freestyle final. How? Well, let’s just say that Blue the horse definitely owns a pair of dancing shoes and he was certainly wearing them on the day of filming.

In the video, Andreas and Blue are ready to give an outstanding performance at the event, standing in the middle of the venue whilst many spectators wait patiently. Then, the music starts and the pair moves together effortlessly to the music.

When the beat fastens, so does Blue the horse, and when a slower song comes on, Blue moves around like an absolute dream to the rhythm. It is almost too amazing for words. But don’t take our word for it, you simply must see this short six-minute video clip that’ll send shivers down your spine. Who knew that horses were not only majestic and beautiful animals but also, excellent dancers? A big congratulation goes to Andreas and Blue for their perfect performance.

Watch their act below! If you’ve loved this video as much as we have, let us know in the comments. Additionally, don’t forget to spread the love and like and share this video with your family and friends, especially those who are crazy for horses!

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