One rainy day an elderly woman crying for a help. Who heled her?

During a hail storm, when an elderly woman couldn’t get to her car with her groceries, a compassionate young grocery bagger carried an umbrella and walked her all the way to her car!

When it began to rain and hail for a long time, Aaron Sanders was bagging groceries at Ingles Market in North Carolina. He observed an elderly woman with a basket of goods standing by the door, peering out into the rain.

After some time had passed, Aaron approached the woman and asked if he could assist her in getting to her car securely. She respectfully declined, stating that she did not want him to get wet.

“I asked her if I could help her out and she said no a couple of times,” Aaron said. “[She] said I don’t want you getting wet.” The elderly woman had already been waiting for a while, and the rain did not seem to be letting up.

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Meanwhile, her frozen goods were slowly melting. Aaron said that he didn’t mind getting wet and that he would prefer to help her. “I just said I prefer if I helped you out, and then she said OK,” Aaron said.

Aaron held an umbrella over the woman and together they walked to her car in the rain. It was raining so much that the elderly woman put her arm around Aaron to keep them both from getting wet. His coworker, Violet Baiera, noticed his act of kindness and took a photo of the two making their way to her car.

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They made it to her vehicle and Aaron helped load her groceries. But as soon as she got into her car, the wind flipped Aaron’s umbrella inside out, causing his clothes to get drenched. He eventually made it back to the store, soaking wet, and to his surprise, was greeted by the applause of many customers who had been watching.

“I wouldn’t expect anything different from Aaron. He’s a great kid,” shared Pat Bowmen, the manager at Ingles Market.
When later asked by the media about why he helped the older woman, Aaron said that it’s all thanks to his Mom.

“She’s always been there and taken care of me. She always made sure that I was fed even if she didn’t eat that night. So my respect goes to her. She’s the reason I am what I am… so all the credit goes to her,” he said.
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