Flower Girl Shows Off Her Moves On The Dance Floor

Weddings are incredibly special events for everyone involved. There is a lot of stress in planning the “perfect” day. Everything from the venue to the food, flowers and the all-important dress takes time and money to get just right!

Even when everything is perfectly planned, the chances are that on the day, something will go wrong. That doesn’t mean that the wedding is ruined but how the bride and groom handle the hiccup makes all the difference.

Think of it this way: no matter how hard you try in life to make everything perfect, things will always go wrong. There will be ups, downs, and mountains to climb. That’s part of the magic of having a lifetime partner. They are the person that will support you through all of those ups and downs, and it starts with the wedding day.

To achieve that perfection, I think that many people take their wedding day too seriously. Yes, it will be a day that you remember forever, but it can be recognized as a perfect day with a few problems, or it can be remembered as one of the most fun and exciting days of your life. Not to mention one that you were able to share with all of your family and friends.

Once the actual wedding ceremony is over, this is when all of the “real” fun begins. People can now let loose, the emotions are out of the way, and you can have a drink or two to celebrate the couple’s new beginnings. If you’re like me, you’re just waiting for the dance floor to open to shaking a leg to your favorite tunes. I also look forward to special performances put together by family and friends.

At this wedding, the flower girl is determined to have the most fun of all, and in the process, she makes it a memorable day for everyone. When the music plays, she takes to the dance floor with tons of enthusiasm. When an adult dance partner tries to keep up, she shows she has more moves to offer. When that song ends, it looks like she might take a break, but then another one of her favorite tunes comes on.

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