Grandma Leaves Fortune to Grandchild after Revealing This Secret

We all know it: a little lie is often made and sadly we have to deal with bigger lies once in a lifetime. Today we live in a society where lying has become very normal and sometimes even the standard. There are very few people you can trust 100%. Family members are some of the people you can trust most of the time.

However, this was not the case for the main character in our story. Because of the lies, they told him, he lost all confidence in them … After discovering the secret, would he ever regain confidence? Keep reading this strange story on the next page. Grandparents are usually complacent parents. There are few grandparents who can resist the wishes of their granddaughter!

This was the case for Amy. Amy lived with her parents but most of her time was spent with her grandmother since both her parents had to work full time to support her. Amy’s life was not very conventional but she had no problem with it. Mainly for one reason…Amy really loved Mathilde since they had a great relationship with each other.

Amy had a great time playing at her grandmother’s house. Some of her fondest memories were made with Mathilde. Those memories were hard to forget. For most children, it is a dream to live with their grandparents. Children get often spoiled by them and they are not strict at all.

It is definitely a dream come true. However, that dream was about to end suddenly, when Mathilde found out that something horrible happened, can you believe it? Keep reading. One fateful day, Amy was outside playing in their yard as usual. She loved digging in the ground and seeing all the different insects that lived there.

To her, it was like another world that existed right under her feet. Her grandmother always told her to be careful about digging things up, but she never stopped her from doing what she loved. Amy was so lost in her world of bugs and critters that she lost track of time. And then it happened…

After long hours of digging and exploring, she went back inside without noticing that her hands were very dirty. Mathilde was not around to warn Amy to wash her hands. Amy was so focused on playing with the insects in the garden! She didn’t care about washing her hands at all, instead, Amy went inside Mathilde’s house and searched for some books about insects.

Amy found her grandmother’s books and tried to grab the encyclopedia. She put a lot of effort into getting the book, unfortunately, while doing so, she touched one of her grandmother’s favorite books. The book was part of a collection that Amy’s grandmother had started collecting when she was young. When Amy realized what she had done, she became terrified.

She knew how much her grandmother loved these books and she thought she would be angry with her. Amy tried to hide the book so no one would find her. Even though she knew it would be discovered sooner or later. She was very ashamed of what had happened and didn’t want to say anything. But when her parents picked her up, they could understand that something was wrong.

Her parents were very understanding of what had happened and also knew right away that it was a mistake. They reassured her that she had nothing to worry about and that they would talk to her grandmother. Amy felt much better, but she had no idea where this would lead….After a few days, Amy sat down with her parents and talked about what had happened.

They told her that they had done what they could, but that her grandmother did not want to see her again. They said she was very angry and there was nothing they could do. It was the first time someone had been so hard on her. She didn’t know what to do. Amy loved her grandmother so much, how could she suddenly do this?

Amy burst into tears and begged her parents to let her go to her grandmother alone. She would ask for forgiveness and she was sure that the grandmother who loved her so much would not say no. Her parents told her again that her grandmother had been mad.

It seemed too crazy to her that they wouldn’t talk to her for something so small. And it turned out to be crazy, but she wouldn’t find that out until much later….After some time, Amy and her new sister moved out of the town where they had been staying until then. Her grandmother left them behind. Amy felt very bad,

but her parents convinced her that they had to go. After all, she had her other grandmother who she could visit as much as she wanted. That was what they said, but what Amy felt was too complicated to express at the time. She had a very unique bond with her grandmother who she left behind. Because of all the time they spent together, they were very close.

It didn’t feel right for her to not talk to her anymore. Unfortunately, she was too young to express these thoughts in that way, so her parents decided to pack up and leave. We now rewind a few years into the future, where Amy is now 22 years old. Will she finally find out the horrible truth?

Turns out his parents completely lied to him. All the things they told him, that her grandmother got angry and that it was her decision not to see her again, were completely fictitious. There was a completely different story without Amy noticing. When she discovered the truth, she became angry with her parents and with herself.

How could she believe this lie? And even worse, why did his parents lie to him? All of his life up to that point, he had wondered if he had done the right thing by leaving his grandmother. So he was young and he couldn’t say no to his parents, but he was older for a few years. She could do whatever she wanted.

She often thought about going to meet her beloved grandmother after all these years. She couldn’t still be angry with her. And now it even turns out that she was never angry….Amy’s parents used the story with the book to serve their own purposes. They had a very different problem with her grandmother.

As it turned out, there was a whole other scandal going on, a scandal that had happened a long time ago. As we said, Amy had a little sister. This little sister was the reason these two parties were fighting with each other. Because it turned out that she was not her real sister.

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