Why This Kind Man Lets Crying Child Sit, Talk And Eat With Him At Restaurant?

When Amy Wadford took her children to dinner at the Fernandos Mexican restaurant in Magee, Mississippi, her son Brekken kept crying because he wanted to eat with a man who was sitting alone at a table.

As Amy prepared to take Brekken to her car so that her crying would not disturb the people around her, something nice happened!

“I’m not sure who this man is,” Amy wrote in a post online, “and I’m sure he just wanted to eat his meal in peace, but Brekken had other plans. We took all six kids to eat at Fernando’s and all Brekken wanted was to eat with him.”

All Brekken wanted to do was sit by the window with the man, but when his mother said no, as the man seemed to be enjoying his meal in peace, Brekken’s young and pure heart fluttered and he began to cry.

“He was continuously crying and as I got up to take him to the car, this man asked to get him.” The kind man overheard Brekken asking his mom to sit with him, and as he saw her taking him outside to calm down, he invited little Brekken over.

“Brekken instantly stopped crying and sat and ate chips and salsa and had a conversation with him until he was ready to go.”When they had finished their conversation and meal, Brekken told him “bye” as if they had become the best of friends.

“Brekken was completely content and told him bye like he had known him his whole life. It’s the small things! So, if you know him, please tell him again I said thank you. He didn’t have to do what he did but completely made Brekken’s whole day ”
The kindness of the man, Darius West, has been appreciated and praised by thousands of hearts online. “People like this make the world go round,” wrote Angela L.“Just two cool dudes sharing a meal,” commented Gloria B.

“Take heed adults! Learn from this wonderful child! And, Mr. Darius West, thank you for being a very classy gentleman! This is what compassion, kindness & unconditional love is all about!” shared Kelly C.“Love stories like this. What a great guy,” commented Lillia S.

“This makes my heart tear with joy. More of this [can] exist in the world if we follow the guidance of children. They always know how a soul feels by just being present with a person. To them they are not strangers,” wrote Phoenix G.

“What a sweet and amazing young man for showing love to a little one,” wrote Jerry S. “Reading this makes me proud to be a human being,” wrote Jeff H.

“That’s awesome! What a wonderful man. Some people just have a certain warmth about them from within and obviously, this man did and your son could sense it ” wrote Betsy M.“This makes my heart smile. Thank you for sharing this, we need more of this from everyone!!” wrote Yvonne G.

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