Mary Pine, 95, startled her “little brother,” 84-year-old Bob Taylor, by turning up at his Atlanta, Georgia, home the final time they met. In the five years that have passed since then, a lot has changed. With the COVID-19 epidemic, Mary moved into an assisted living residence in Ambler, Pennsylvania, and the siblings had to make do with daily phone calls instead of seeing each other in person.

All of that changed on July 4, 2021, when Bob and his two adult grandchildren made a 13-hour car ride to surprise Mary on her birthday. Granddaughters Morgan Taylor and Kenzie Hardin had their cameras rolling when Mary walked into the common area to see Bob waiting for her. Her mouth fell open in surprise, and you can see how overjoyed she was by the way she grabbed him for a tight hug.

Grandpa Has Heart-Melting Reunion With 95-Yr-Old Sister After 5 Yrs Apart. – InspireMore

“It definitely pulled some heartstrings,” Morgan said. “I’m so happy he got the opportunity to see her again and her reaction was priceless. I know they were both overwhelmed with joy and love and that’s all I could ask for as a granddaughter.”

Fair warning: This one’s a tearjerker of the best kind! Watch the joyful reunion in the video below, and be sure to share this emotional story!

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