2-Yr-Old Uses Positive Affirmations To Calm Down. Watch the video above to hear Brilee’s affirmations

One of the most difficult aspects of being a parent is training children to remain calm when things go wrong. Shelbee Haderer of McCloud, Oklahoma, has a fantastic way of soothing her 2-year-old Brilee, and a video of their positive affirmations has gone viral.

Brilee’s young fingers were accidentally squashed in a door when the video begins. Shelbee carefully has her daughter take deep breaths through the tears, despite the fact that she is obviously disturbed by the terrible experience. Shelbee has the small girl repeat a few charming reminders that all children should learn early and well: “I’m okay. I’m a formidable opponent. I’m stunning. I am adored. “I am deserving.”

The result is practically magical! After Brilee repeats these expressions of self-love and acceptance aloud, she is noticeably calmer and more composed. Her sweet, “Thank you, mom” will surely melt your heart into a puddle! Watch the video above to hear Brilee’s affirmations, and don’t forget to share this great parenting tip with others.

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