Wife Discovers Husband’s Real Identity After Years of Marriage. Who was that Man?

What secrets did this widow unearth about her late husband years after he died? Their marriage lasted a decade and a half. Imagine putting so much effort and heart into something only to discover that everything you thought you understood was a falsehood. Audrey Phillips, Glyndwyr’s widow, tells how she realized years after his death that he was a completely different person than she believed he was. The truth she was about to discover would profoundly transform her life. Learn more about how she met her true hubby!!

Audrey Phillips lived a simple life as a retired economics teacher. She adored her husband and always thought of him as one of the best decisions she had ever made in life. They weren’t wealthy, but she was content with their life and everything they had, as they had each other and that was enough. So, it came as a huge blow when everything she thought about their easy life turned out to be false. How could she not have noticed this before they got married and were building a future together?

Their marriage that would last for years, began on a random night out in a local bar. All it took was one glance and they both fell in love. There was something about Audrey that caught Glyndwyr’s eye, which made him make the first move that night. Audrey couldn’t deny that there was something about him too, so she went in on his offer to get a drink together and talk about their lives.

From then on, life took a different turn and nothing would be the same again. Never was a story of a love so complex according to Audrey, when she met Glyndwyr she felt he had a mysterious air around him. But she quickly felt very comfortable and relaxed in his presence. There was of course the way he looked at her like she was the only girl in the world. So, she felt immediately attracted to him, just like he did to her. Everything was going well, and both were satisfied and happy in each other’s company. It wasn’t long before she couldn’t wait to be in his presence all the time.

To Audrey and Glyndwyr, they were both experiencing the love of their lives and had never felt this way before for anyone to what they were feeling. They went together on several dates exploring the city, and discover places that they hadn’t seen before. They really enjoyed each other’s company, even though Glyndwyr tended to disappear on private business, he always found time to be with her. That’s what Audrey appreciated the most about him, that he always made time to be with her.

Their love grew, and they were ready to get married and start their lives together as a couple. To them and everyone else, their marriage was a match made in heaven. She was positive she knew her husband better than anyone else, and felt luckier than anyone else in the world. A few months into their marriage, they got huge news from the doctor that would change their lives forever. Was this going to change their happily married life, or was it going to grow their love even more for each other?

All of a sudden, Audrey felt a sharp pain in her abdomen. She had no idea what it was, or what it possibly could be until she went to the doctor. She immediately rushed to the emergency room for a visit to a doctor. This was just some months after they got married, so she started to panic. Around this time, Glyndwyr had just returned from one of his private businesses and left him panicking too. After examining her, the doctor looked at them both and paused. He had some important news to share.

The doctor did some tests on Audrey, and as soon as he got the results back, he went back to the couple. They were waiting patiently, yet anxiously on what it could be. That’s when he told the young couple that, in fact, it was good news and that they were going to have a baby together. The couple was overjoyed and took a deep sigh of relief, as they were thinking of the worst possible that could happen to Audrey. The months passed and Audrey gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Jake. They were extremely happy with their little family, but soon, that was going to change.

Audrey couldn’t be more pleased with her life at the moment. She had a healthy son Jake, and she was extremely happy with the love that Glyndwyr had for her. For work, however, he often had to go on trips, which he was very mysterious about, but despite that, she never doubted his love for her and his family. She felt the luckiest woman alive, but somehow, sometimes she felt a little suspicious and wondered what he actually did on his mysterious trips away. Why didn’t he ever really tell her about them.

One day, Glyndwyr went for a walk. But, something strange happened, and it felt odd and weird to him as well, unlike any other day. He returned home as fast as he could, but Audrey could tell that he wasn’t feeling like himself. He felt a little agitated and then informed Audrey that they had to relocate to a different neighborhood, and it had to be within a week. Audrey felt confused as to why it had to happen in the first place, and why within a week? Something wasn’t adding up here.

Audrey was left speechless by the announcement that Glyndwyr just had made. She didn’t want to move out of their current house, especially not within just a week. This house was very special to Audrey as they had made plenty of memories in here, and had started their new lives here together. Even in the neighborhood, they knew almost everyone, so it felt like home. Audrey, however, had a feeling that there must be a reason why Glyndwyr wanted to move away from this quick, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it.

What exactly could it be? bAs both of them were trying to find their way through this new situation that Glyndwyr had presented, something else happened that left them surprised. While Audrey and Glyndwyr were arguing about the sudden move to another neighborhood, Audrey suddenly felt a stinging pain in her abdomen. They didn’t think of the possibility of it being another baby and immediately went to the emergency room to get some tests done and find out what it actually is.

Then, they got the truth. After the test results came back, the doctor revealed that they were going to become parents for the second time. This time, they were expecting a baby girl, but the couple didn’t really know how to feel as there were some complications. This meant that the couple wouldn’t be able to have another child after this anymore, so they had to make some big decisions. The same morning, Glyndwyr had urged to move away to another neighborhood, which made it even more difficult for them. What were they going to do.

After hearing the news, and some thinking, the couple chose to have the baby as this was their second and last chance. But, on the other hand, this automatically meant that they couldn’t relocate to another neighborhood anymore as Audrey couldn’t travel anymore due to her high-risk pregnancy. It was clear to see that Glyndwyr wasn’t too happy with this news and with the turn of events, but he had to think about what’s best for him and his family, which he loved and cared for too much.

What was he going to do with himself now? Everything returned to normal shortly after that. Audrey looked after their son, but was unable to do much owing to her second pregnancy, while Glyndwyr went about his duties. His mystery outings, on the other hand, became fewer, and he spent more time at home as Audrey’s ability to care for Jack alone deteriorated. He offered whatever assistance he could, and one day, when he returned from work, he had some good news to share with Audrey. This was going to change their lives again again. Was it, on the other hand, for the better?

He took a minute and then told Audrey what he had finally planned to do. He had decided to stay where they are, in their current neighborhood, as he didn’t want to make them move again. Audrey felt delighted but wondered why he had chosen to do this, because he wanted to leave within a week. He wanted to stay here, because they were going to be a family of four now, and wanted to give them all the support they could use in raising them, as it could become difficult for Audrey alone. She still felt confused about this, as his behavior was a little strange. What was the real reason behind his decision?

Audrey and Glyndwyr’s lives had changed for the better, as they couldn’t be happier with their family of four. The couple had lived a good part of fifty years in relative harmony, and had nothing to complain about. Everything was going just fine until the next thing happened which would challenge them as a family. Audrey had noticed a deterioration in Glyndwyr’s health, and couldn’t really tell what was happening.

Suddenly, he started to experience difficulty in walking, and his hands started shaking as well. What could it be? As these symptoms occurred far more often than the couple had hoped, Glyndwyr decided to make an appointment with the doctor, and get some tests done to find out what was wrong with him. After some tests, the doctor revealed that he had Parkinson’s.

Both Audrey and Glyndwyr were devastated to hear this news about his health, but they knew that they couldn’t really do anything about it, other than just make the most of with together with their children. They just knew that this wasn’t going to end well. Over time, Glyndwyr’s health deteriorated quickly and terribly, which made the couple realize that it was going to end soon. Glyndwr, however, had been keeping a secret from Audrey ever since they had gotten together,

and wanted to tell her about it, before it was too late. Unfortunately, he kept thinking about it for too long, and it was too late. He passed away peacefully, without Audrey knowing about the secret life that he had been leading for all these years. Except, this wasn’t the only thing that kept her in the dark…Audrey was having a hard and tough time dealing with the departure of Glyndwyr, and couldn’t find the courage to clear his belongings. She knew deep down that it could be left this way forever.

Something should be done about his belongings in the house, and she herself had to do it, in order to get some closure, and perhaps to bring up some old memories to feel slightly better. She was a mess, and every time that she finally got some courage, she left the belongings right where they were. Little did she know that she was going to uncover one of Glyndwyr’s secrets.

Finally, three years after Glyndwyr’s passing, Audrey gathered some courage and decided to clear out her husband’s belongings. It was still extremely difficult for her as it brought up some precious memories of her time together with him, but she knew it had to be done nevertheless. Slowly and steadily, she cleared out the drawers with his belongings, except for one drawer that was remaining. She didn’t expect to find belongings in here that were going to question her life together with Glyndwyr.

The final drawer that needed to be cleared was Glyndwyr’s office drawer, where he kept all his important documents, but also his work as he loved to write aside from being a civil engineer. He would often sit down in his study, whenever he needed some time alone, and write several poems and novels. Except, Audrey did not know that she was about to find something else other than his written poems and novels. She was about to find something that would turn her world upside down.While they were married, they hadn’t kept any secrets from each other.

Everything was always shared in the open, which is why they had such a good relationship. Except, for the fact that Glyndwyr’s secret that Audrey didn’t know about. During their marriage, Audrey hadn’t really paid attention to the last drawer either, because she felt like she never needed to. But, today was a different day, and she was to make a discovery that would make her think otherwise. What could possibly be in there? She opened up the documents and started to look at them one by one.

One of the documents stated that the young boy who had taken a certain test, had an outstanding memory, especially in remembering pictures and maps. This meant that the young boy had a photographic memory. But, how did this all relate to her husband Glyndwyl? What did all of this mean? Was this about him, or about a family member that she didn’t know of? That couldn’t possibly be it, right?

Audrey inspected the documents closely and concluded that these letters and documents were about her husband, who must’ve been about thirteen years old at that time, exactly the age of the boy in the letter. But, at first, she thought that it could’ve been a friend of his, which raised some suspicious questions. At this point, she didn’t really know what to do and what to think, so she kept looking for more signs and documents that would give her more clarity about the boy.

She proceeded to look through the document for any fresh information. She was curious about the boy in question and who the story was about. Was it something to do with Glyndwyr? She stumbled upon an even stranger-looking document when she neared the bottom of the stack of papers. She had never seen this document before and it appeared to be entirely foreign to her. Was there something her spouse had been keeping hidden from her? She hesitated at first, but eventually snatched the document.

She picked up the document and slowly opened it up. The document she found was about a secret operation called ‘XX’ and a counter-espionage project. She couldn’t decipher what it was about and what this meant to her husband. She then discovered a little note with a telephone number. At this point, she didn’t really know what to do. Was she going to call that number or leave it as it is? Was this number going to lead even more mysteries? What would it lead to? Was it going to be worth it?

Audrey was suspicious at this point and thought that this telephone number would be the key to all her unanswered questions. However, on the other hand, she didn’t want to unravel everything that she had read about in the documents. What if this could change everything about her feelings for Glyndwyr, even though he wasn’t here anymore? She still had many questions, but they still had to be answered, since she had found so many documents already. What was she going to do?Nervously, Audrey answered the phone, and a smooth, calm voice talked back to her on the phone.

They said: “Am I speaking with Audrey Philips?” She answered: “Yes, I found your number between some documents of my husband I don’t understand, maybe you can help me out.” “Let’s meet tomorrow,” the man answered. “I will explain everything.” Audrey agreed to meet up tomorrow with the unknown, and anonymous man, but she felt nervous. What was he going to explain to her? How is this going to end?

The next day, Audrey was going to meet the man that she had spoken to on the phone. Once he arrived at her home, they sat down and started talking. He said to her: “Audrey, I have worked with your husband for over thirty years, and there’s something he never told you. Glyn wasn’t the man you thought he was…” At this point, Audrey felt anxious and didn’t know how to feel about the words that the old man had just said to her. What was he going to say about her husband?

The old man continued to tell her that Glyndwyr was a very talented man and that he was extremely smart. This had been discovered when he was a young boy. As the times were difficult and troubling with everything happening in the world around that time, both of them were recruited by the army, and they were trained to take part. But, they would not just become soldiers for the army. They got an additional task as well, which would leave Audrey surprised, as she didn’t know about this.

e then told her that they were selected for a special program, which no one could know about, except for their fathers. They had to keep it a secret from everyone they had met, including Audrey, who was going to be Glyndwyr’s wife. Both of them had to go through several training programs, were taught German, and had to do plenty of memory tests in order to pass the training program. But, there was more to this program that they didn’t know about, and Audrey was all ears as the old man told his story.

He continued telling the story that they were young at that time, and that normal school had been boring, so this was the perfect opportunity to enter this adventure. They had no idea about what their lives were going to be like, and what tasks they had to do, but back then it just seemed like the right moment to just go for it. They had almost finished their training, right before the Second World War started, until they got the news that would leave them surprised. The two of them had never expected this to happen.

After hearing his story, Audrey couldn’t believe it. How did she not notice this during all these years of their marriage? At this point, she had so many questions, but she didn’t even know where to start, and what exactly to say. She wasn’t even sure if she was going to get the answers from the old man, especially on questions that only Glyndwyr could have answers to. She didn’t feel comfortable and sat there thinking. Thinking about all these years that she hadn’t known about anything at all. That’s when the old man gave her a piece of paper.

As Audrey started to read the letter, she got tears in her eyes. The letter began with Glyndwyr saying: “Dear Audrey, if you ever read this, then you’ve discovered my biggest secret. I hope you understand I could never tell you what I did, I did it to keep you safe.” That’s when Audrey discovered the answers to some of the questions that she had, especially for Glyndwyr, which he obviously couldn’t answer right now, but instead, he took care of it and did it by writing her a letter. The letter also stated that Audrey had a big surprise waiting for her…

He gave her an old note, which Audrey was hesitant at first to open and read. Little did she know that it was going to be a pleasant little surprise. This was unlike every other thing that she had seen, and saw that it was a handwritten note especially written for her. She took a deep breath and started to read the note. Audrey couldn’t believe her eyes, and was speechless at this point. Again, despite having so many questions in her head about the entire situation, this made her smile.

After reading that Glyndwyr had a surprise waiting for her, she didn’t know what to do. What could it possibly be that Glyndwyr had left behind for her? It turned out that he had left a huge check for her with all the money that he had ever earned while being a spy. He had been saving this until the very last moment, so he could give it to her upon his passing. This also turned out to be the biggest reason why they lived a simple life, as he had been saving it all for Audrey. He gave this to her as an apology for lying to her all her life.

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