She Wasn’t Expecting The Fish Can To Do That…

Fishing is one of the world’s oldest pleasures and traditions. They all fish, whether for sport or for food, regardless of nation or culture!

Individual preferences vary, but they all enjoyed a good catch, whether it was fishing on the banks of shallow lakes or taking a boat out to the deep ocean.

At the very least, this man and his companion appear to be amusing. When it comes to capturing actual fish, they appear to have failed miserably. They believed, however, that they could still come up with a distinctive image.

Like a big catch, the man is holding the woman upside down. We’re sure he considers himself fortunate to have captured this one and will not let go. He’s presumably doing it because he’s fishing on a little river.

Judging by the skid marks behind him, whatever’s on the end of his line is definitely a big catch. Let’s just hope he won in the end and didn’t end up in the river himself.

These people were out on a boat when one of their three fishing lines started going crazy. They only just managed to grab it in time. Next time you think your fishing line is safe just be a bit more careful, or your line might fall into the ocean with the fish.

This girl is new to fishing. How do we know? Well, she’s holding the rod slightly wrong. It’s a novice mistake a lot of people make. Rather than bending your right arm, keep it straight. That way is the line jerks unexpectantly you have a firm grip.

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