Adorable Five-Month-Old Girl Is Often Mistaken For A Doll Due To Her Distinct Hair. How she Looks Now?

Babies are, among other things, lovely little angels with a variety of distinctive traits based on their DNA, but the traditional look is typically petite, without teeth, and with very little hair. We occasionally see babies with unusual features, such as this tiny girl with thick curling locks!

Mum-of-three Katie Canham was taken aback when she gave birth to a girl who was already covered in hair when she was born. Who knew Katie’s heartburn was caused by her baby’s volume of hair during her pregnancy?

As soon as Dolly was born, they began brushing the newborn girl’s hair. The 32-year-old mother from Bromley, South London, had never seen anything like it as her other children didn’t have much hair. Also, Katie can’t presume it’s genetic because neither she nor her husband exactly has Dolly’s type of locks.

When the infant girl’s fringe got in her eyes, she had to cut her hair for the first time at the age of three. Because of her amazing hair quality, she is sometimes mistaken for a doll, especially when she is sleeping. The locks are officially shoulder-length from the back and sides because they are so lengthy.

“The first time I saw her, I couldn’t believe it,” Katie told Mirror. “Even the midwife couldn’t believe it; she exclaimed, ‘Oh my God, I’ve never seen a baby with that much hair.”

Five-month-old girl born with a full head of hair is regularly mistaken for a DOLL thanks to her luscious locks – The Irish Sun

Dolly’s hair may be fashioned in a variety of ways, and Katie frequently uses clips to keep it out of her face. Even outsiders think that the tiny girl’s name, ‘Dolly,’ is appropriate because she resembles a doll. What a breathtaking beauty! We admire these unique children’s attractiveness. Dolly is a one-of-a-kind individual!

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