“You Look Powerful!” Plus-Size Model Exudes Beauty And Confidence, But Some Internet Users Think That The…

Accepting yourself for who you are, even going so far as to celebrate what others might consider defects, is incredibly liberating and inspiring. While some people would quail in the face of public ridicule, La’Shaunae Steward made the decision not to do so.

She took advantage of the initial divisive platform to demonstrate her awesomeness to the rest of the world. People didn’t have good things to say about her images when they first appeared on social media. They made remarks about her being obese, implying that she was a danger to herself. During an interview with BET, she stated:

They make it like they’re genuinely concerned about my health, but in reality, they just don’t want someone who looks like me to be the way I am on Instagram or any platform. Unhidden, not insecure, and not afraid to exist. It’s fatphobia at its best.

Things have certainly changed since then, and La’Shaunae has been making big strides in the modeling industry. She has gotten thousands of supportive followers on Instagram, done a Universal Standard campaign, and collaborated with designer Jeffrey Campbell on a wider-fit shoe collection.

La’Shaunae donned a stunning two-piece with an oversized shirt for the Jeffrey Campbell ad. She made an impression, and several commenters appreciated her attractiveness and confidence. Several of her social media posts received rave feedback as well!

One Instagram user, @emilymarajj, for example, proudly stated:Naturally, not everyone believed that La’Shaunae was as gorgeous and powerful as her supporters say. Some others took to social media to express their displeasure, claiming that she was sending the incorrect message to young people all around the world.

At the end of the day, La’Shaunae is simply happy with who she is. If anything, her message to anyone is that you don’t have to be slim and trim to live a full and happy life. What can be wrong with that?

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