Their Photo was Trending For An Adorable Reason. What Story was behaind This Photo ?

Love does not discriminate based on race or color, as these children have demonstrated! Michael Jensen, a father, posted an adorable image on Facebook that quickly went popular because to the message it conveyed.

Mikey, Michael’s kid, and Nehemiah, Michael’s best buddy, are shown in the shot. For ‘Twin’s Day,’ the two young jewels selected each other. The charming post’s caption read:

Today is Mikey’s twin day at school. Mikey was asked what makes him and his best friend, Nehemiah, different, and he answered “nothing, he’s just bigger” lol.

This story is much more special because these two boys saw beyond their races to become best buddies. It’s possible they didn’t even see anything that made them different at all!

All they are mindful of is the fact that they are best friends who share the same interests and go to school together, and that is enough for them!

Others on Facebook picked up on the unexpected message and posted their own stories. Children are, without a doubt, the light of the world! Mikey and Nehemiah gathered a diverse group of folks to tell their stories. It turns out that there are several additional children that do not consider skin color to be a determining factor in friendship.

On Facebook, Michael Jensen’s post about the “unmistakable twins” has received over 226,000 shares and 130k replies. The feedback keeps coming in, and it’s amazing how relatable this lovely story is. We wish to preach this kind of love: pure and unconditional!

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