Why does the crew greet passengers before every flight?

If you spend every other weekend hurrying to the airport, you undoubtedly think of yourself as an expert in the world of travel. However, there are several aspects of plane travel that only an airline or airport insider would be aware of. If you’re a curious passenger who wants to know how clean those planes are, you’ve come to the correct place.

Are you curious about flight attendants’ hidden love lives? Despite the fact that the majority of this material is still classified as top secret, we’ve managed to uncover some of the secrets they’ve sought to keep hidden that you should be aware of. So keep this list in mind the next time you’re packing your baggage for a trip!


Why do you have to turn off mobile devices? Even though passengers are instructed before take-off to turn off all electronic devices, the truth is that the plane won’t crash if you don’t. So, don’t think if you forget to turn off your mobile phone or laptop (or ignore the flight attendant’s instructions to do so) that you will die. However, there are reasons why you should turn off your electronic devices.

Even though cellular signals probably won’t interrupt vital equipment communication, they can still interfere with traffic control frequencies. This can cause problems during take-offs and landings. There is also a possibility that your gadgets could fly up in the air if they aren’t secured properly. And who would want their laptop or phone flying into their face?


How exactly can you get an upgrade? When traveling, one of the best prizes you could get is a free upgrade. If you’re not a frequent flier, there are some ways you could help your odds and get an upgrade. The first thing you need to remember is to always be nice to the crew and not be rude and annoying. Also, it helps to be tall, pregnant, well dressed, or have a friend that’s part of the flight crew.


Of course, these upgrades are contingent on meal and seat availability, but an anonymous flight attendant revealed that upgrades are possible even after the doors have closed. This, however, does not happen very often. A Diet Coke should never be ordered. If you want to anger the stewardess, don’t purchase a Diet Coke when the beverage cart passes by, even if you’re watching your weight and tracking your calories.

Why? Because at an altitude of 35,000 feet, the carbonated fizz in Diet Coke takes too long to settle, so it’s the drink that takes the most time to pour. It actually takes three times as long to pour this drink from the can as any other drink. However, you will get a Diet Coke if you order one but know that the flight attendant will be extremely annoyed.


Can crew members date their passengers? Even though you probably think that there is a policy against crew members fraternizing with the passengers, there is actually no rule against it. Even though flight attendants are often fighting off unwanted attention, they could still meet a special someone on a flight. After all, they are people just like the rest of us and are looking for love just as much as the next person.

However, even though they potentially could find a romantic partner up in the air, their professional duties always come first. Every time that lunch tray is placed in front of you, you’re probably wondering just how healthy that airplane food you’re about to dig into is. Is it made out of natural ingredients, or is it more like the processed food that astronauts eat?

Why does the crew greet passengers before every flight? It’s standard procedure for the flight crew to greet passengers with a welcoming smile and if you think this is only a polite formality, you’re wrong, there is much more to this practice.
Even though this is a way of making the passengers feel comfortable and welcome, it’s also the perfect opportunity for flight attendants to eye all of the passengers and estimate which passengers could cause trouble, and which would be helpful in the case of an emergency.

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