Comedians Give Boy 3 Minutes To Buy Anything He Wants And His Reaction Is Beautiful.

You’d expect a child to load the cart with toys and junk food if you handed them a bundle of cash and instructed them to buy whatever they wanted at Target. The boy in the video below, however, is not your typical kid!

A group of comedians known as The Pun Show conducted an experiment in which they approached a child who was looking at video games in Target!

They told him he had three minutes to fill the cart with whatever he wanted, and it would be free. Then, without a doubt, things took an unexpectedly delightful turn!

Instead of leading them to the toy aisle, he ran straight to the cleaning, home goods, and baby departments. The Pun Show team watched in amazement as he filled the cart with necessary household items, many of which were for a baby.

When they asked why he chose the items he did, he simply said, “It’s for my family.” What a thoughtful and selfless young man!

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