WATCH: This granny’s infectious belly aching laughter just boosted book sales for Kiwi author

A good children’s book delights not only the child but the adult reading it too. If you can entertain both the kid and big kid, you’ve got yourself a fabulous book. It’s like a movie where it looks like it’s meant for kids, but the writing touches on issues grown-ups can relate to as well. Everyone who watches it enjoys it!

The book in the video below is no different. It is so funny and invites everyone to have a good laugh. It’s impossible to make it through from cover to cover without cracking a rib from giggling. This grandma proves it right from the get-go, and it’s non-stop fun, guaranteed.

Grandma reads the story of the wonky donkey - YouTube

Grandma and her grandson are spending some quality time together at home. They’re snuggled up in a blanket on the couch, ready to start reading a brand new book! She reads the title, “The Wonky Donkey” by Craig Smith, and you know it’s gotta be excellent with a title like that.

As this Scottish grandmother prepares to tackle this book, the infant is adorable and still willing to be read to. But she has no idea what she’s getting herself into! She keeps a reasonably straight face for the first several pages. She’s giggling as she reads the few words on the page and points to the various visuals. Things take a turn as she goes a little deeper.

As the story builds up and progresses, grandma is having a total field day. She is killing herself laughing, unable to keep a straight face or read through the words without throwing her head back and laughing out loud. The baby is very zen, absorbing his grandma’s good vibes, while mom holding the camera starts to giggle too. Grandma is making her way through the story and only laughing more and more,

barely able to contain herself. Her reading started coherently and smoothly, but by midway, she can barely string the words together to form a sentence without cackling! This is such a sweet moment in time. True joy! She’s trying to breathe in between fits of laughter, and it’s just the funniest thing to watch. Not only is the book funny, but it’s also her laughter that’s contagious. I watched this one a few times.

Click the video below to watch! But, be warned, your face might hurt from laughing too!

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