Why This 85-yo grandmother spends hours in seawater every day?

Despite the fact that she is 85 years old, this elderly woman still gets up early every morning and spends her day on the beach of a Vietnamese bay in order to support her 61-year-old mentally challenged kid.

Nguyen Thi Ro gets up early every morning to harvest cockles and mussels to sell at the market. Unfortunately, raking up only a few pounds of cockles and mussels is extremely difficult for her weak physique because it forces her to spend extended periods of time in the ocean!

While she may get some cockles and mussels to be sold at the market after hours of being in the seawater, the harsh task often leaves her skin itchy and flaky at the end of the day. It is common for Nguyen to get rashes as a result of hours of soaking in the sea.

However, that is the only way left for the elderly woman to support herself and her 61-year-old adopted child after her husband passed away when she was 70 years old.

Following her husband’s passing, Ngyuen decided to sell cockles and mussels at the market as it was tough for her to find other jobs, especially at her old age. Fortunately,

Nguyen always receives some help from her villagers who often offer to help her pick cockles and mussels and buys her daily catch to support her business.

Almost all the profits she gets from selling cockles and mussels go to her child’s treatment and medication despite the fact that she, too, needs treatment for her rashes.

Life may be tough for this elderly woman but it never stops Ngyuen from staying optimistic and cheerful, all for the sake of her beloved child.

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