Why You Need To Always Put A Toilet Paper Roll Under The Seat?

Your bathroom looking a little worse for wear? They can be hard to maintain and stubborn stains can sometimes be a nuisance to get out!

Here are the best hacks for your home. Trust us, you’ll thank us later. Need storage for your hairbrush, curling iron, or hairdryer? An amazing cheap alternative to expensive wooden holders is dishwasher cutlery baskets.

They are great for storage especially if you have a cupboard you can store the basket in. It clears up the bathroom and leaves space for more important things.

It can be very hard to reach some corners in your bathroom. The irony is that you can use a toilet roll as a makeshift nozzle.

Just angle the roll in a crevice that you need to clean and put it on the end of your cleaner or vacuum.

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