Doctors Declared This Baby, but the Mom Wasn’t Ready to Accept It | She Hugged Him And…

There’s no greater love than a mother’s and this story of how a woman hugged her newborn baby back to life will restore your faith in the power love holds.

Kate and David Ogg of Queensland, Australia, had been trying for three years to conceive, and they were overcome with emotions when they finally found out they were expecting. It only doubled when they got to know that they were going to have twins. The overjoyed parents had even picked out names for their baby boy and girl—Jamie and Emily!

But, Kate went into labor at 26 weeks, on March 25, 2010. Even though it was way early into the pregnancy, Kate and David were ready to become first-time parents. However, after labor, Kate received the shock of her life—she was told that Jamie didn’t make it, according to the Independent.

“They were both born in their sac but Jamie didn’t make a noise when they tore it open. Emily let out a big wail,” Kate told Daily Mail. “We looked over and everyone was crowding around Jamie – there were about 20 people in the room. The vibe wasn’t very good. He stopped breathing and his heartbeat was nearly gone.

After 20 minutes they stopped working on him,” she said. The distraught mother was just not ready to let go of her precious child yet. She requested the medical staff to let her hold her son for the first and probably, the last time. She made her husband climb onto the hospital bed with her and both of them held their baby close to their bare chest.

They saw him gulp for air, but the medics warned them not to get too excited. “I excused Jamie from the doctor’s office and requested everyone to go. He was cold, and all I wanted to do was keep him warm. I felt terrible because we had tried for years to have children. All I wanted to do was cuddle him.

I untied him and told him to remove his shirt and crawl into bed with me. I know it seems silly, but there was still a sign of life if he was gasping, therefore I wasn’t going to give up quickly ” said the mother.” They, too, had accepted the fact that Jamie wouldn’t make it, but they had no idea how powerful their love could be.

“We were just trying to make the most of those last, precious moments,” they told TODAY. As the parents held their lifeless baby close to their chest, they kept talking to him. “We were trying to entice him to stay. We explained his name and that he had a twin that he had to look out for and how hard we tried to have him,” she said.

And, just like a miracle, the little one grabbed his father’s finger. “If we had let the doctor walk out of the room with him, Jamie would have been dead,” the mother said. “We feel so fortunate,” David added. “We’re the luckiest people in the world.”

If they’d listened to the doctor and not their instinct, they probably wouldn’t have had Jamie around, now.

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