What is that penguin doing among the pandas? Can You Spot It?

There are some people who are such keen eye-catchers that nothing escapes their attention. It’s like they have a radar that detects even the smallest detail.

Then there are others who, well, maybe need a little bit more time to train their eyesight and bring out the great power of observation that they’ve hidden deep within themselves.

1. What is that penguin doing among the pandas?

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If you are looking for a place to start, start from the left to right, and look closely between the leaves to see what is hiding.

2. How scary! There’s a witch hiding somewhere among the goblins.

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3. Can you spot the mouse hiding among all these rabbits?

We like a great challenge, which is why we prepared a questionnaire with 16 pictures to show that you have a professional eagle eye (or you need more training).

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