Can You Find The 3 Differences in This Picture?

Botticelli’s famous renaissance painting, ‘The Birth of Venus’ is truly an iconic symbol of the exciting rebirth that took place in Europe so many hundreds of years ago.

Sometimes we end up daydreaming about what it would have been like to be an artist living in Florence at the time. The creativity and spirit in the air must have been unlike anything else before it.

Or after it, for that matter. The Birth of Venus has continued to captivate audiences throughout the ages, proving that Botticelli’s work is truly timeless. As well as the work of many of his well-known Renaissance peers.

We loved being able to look at this beautiful painting while we spotted all of the differences in it. Just so you know, you should be looking for three in this picture.

We have to admit that we are a little tense when someone wants to make Disney Classic. Beauty and beast are one of the old favorites. The only one who loves us was a good Emma Watson, like a bell.

And, of course, she nailed it completely! Who thought that the live-action version could come into conflict with the original? With great beauty, the fan of the beast may not help you in this challenge.

Is it wrong that we wanted to abandon the whole thing in favor of an Emma Watson-themed movie night? Pizza and beers included, of course. This time you’ll need to spot a total of three differences to progress to the next level of expertise.

Stay very focused, you can do it! Another tough one to add to your list of accomplishments. We struggled a little bit, but we managed to figure it out eventually. Probably the most obvious one is Belle’s nail color.

In the first image, she doesn’t appear to be wearing any nail polish. In the second image, her nails are painted burnt orange color.
The next one up is her hair. Belle is looking slightly tidier in the first image, with just one strand of hair out of place.

In the second image, things have gotten a little messy with two strands now in the picture. The third one was the most difficult to find. If you notice the wall behind the pillar to the left of the picture, you’ll see there is detailed in the first picture that isn’t there in the second.

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