Designer Secretly Alters Bride’s Gown And The Reason Why Has Everyone Crying.

There’s a reason why at every wedding, at least one person has extra tissues on hand – they’re for memorable occasions like this one. Barbie Blank (also known as Kelly Kelly in WWE) had a team of individuals working behind the scenes to make sure her big day went off without a hitch.

However, one crucial individual was unable to attend: her father, who had died many years previously. Barbie’s wedding dress designer, Ryan Patros, discreetly made a modification to her garment since not having him present was terrible!

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Inside the dress, sewn into the spot closest to her heart, were the words, “By your side, Ronald.” Within seconds of seeing those words for the first time, Barbie began to tear up. Now with a piece of her dad near her heart, it could feel as though he was still there, walking her down the aisle.

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