‘He’s here. You have to catch him!’: Baby dramatically enters the world in emergency room hallway

Children or babies are the blessings bestowed by nature, and a mother is no less than a miracle to be able to give birth to new lives with strength. The process of giving birth is painful and it starts from the wave of emotions that hits a woman through her period of pregnancy,

followed by various hardships and pain of labor. Yet childbirth is also one of nature’s best blessings in life. Here is an amazing story of the birth of one child in extreme conditions.

“We made it just through the doors. I said, ‘Travis, this is it. He’s here. You have to catch him. And he looked and he realized I was right. I could feel his head crowning with my hand, and he reached in without hesitation.

I pushed one time and my body did the rest. And there he was, right there in the emergency room floor. She gently pulled him up to my chest and I just remember my husband putting his hand on my shoulder and eventually grabbing a towel to slide up under my head because he was worried about me being uncomfortable.

That man is amazing. He is the best father and the best husband and I don’t know what I would have done without him that day. I remember settling in and thinking, ‘This really happened. He’s on my chest. We just had a baby within five minutes of being inside the hospital.’

We had our five sweet, sweet daughters come in and they were so excited. This was the first boy for us and they were unsure, but the moment they laid eyes on him it was just perfection.

It was the most empowering thing ever to look back and not have this fuzzy memory of it all, but to see it on film the way it happened. It was beautiful and something that I’m going to treasure for the rest of my life.”

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