What??? A Pig As A Bridesmaid? Why They Choose a Pig?

When the bride chose this cute pig as a bridesmaid, she may have stolen the show on this special day. Hannah Devine, a 25-year-old plumber from Cornwall, and her partner Glenn Devine, a 28-year-old carpenter from Holland, married on June 29 this year in Holland.

After meeting in the Caribbean three years ago with their 20-month-old tiny potbelly pig, Babe, the pair now lives together in the Netherlands. Babe was seen posing next to the groom and bride at Hannah Devine and Glenn Devine’s wedding!

Hannah shared that she and her partner decided that they wanted their wedding to be just about them. Moreover, due to some unwanted reasons, their family and friends from England couldn’t make the travel with the regulations at that time.

She said “Of course, we celebrated with our family and friends in Holland, and Babes role for the day meant that she could fill the spaces of everyone that couldn’t be there.

“To say she did a good job is an understatement – she was so calm during the photos and listened to us perfectly. “We expected something may go wrong and prepared some raspberry treats for her just in case, but fortunately the big day wasn’t one of those where she pretends she’s starving and eats like a pig – excuse the pun.

The woman continued “We know for sure she enjoyed the day; she had all sorts of treats from us and many others and took herself off to bed a little earlier than normal”.

After searching for a pet that would fit into their hectic schedules, the couple settled on Babe. “Glenn and I discussed acquiring a dog a lot, but due to our busy work schedules, we concluded it wasn’t feasible.” Hannah went on to say. “On our first visit to the farm, we placed a deposit on a piglet due to arrive in six weeks.

“However, we received a call earlier than expected, as she had a little piglet leftover from a previous litter that needed a home. “We straight away agreed to take her home, and like that she was part of our little family. “She is now a like a spoilt, single child. “For the most part, we would describe her best as sweet, dramatic, and a little bit a mamma’s girl.

“I once read someone describing owning a mini pig as like having a three-year-old child with a personality of a cat, but with sledgehammers as feet, which I would say is very accurate. “She never fails to keep us on our toes and to keep the smiles on our faces. “We couldn’t have imagined our wedding day without her.”

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