Why This Pregnant Bride Gets Married in Hospital, Before Baby Arrived?

Raquel Bruno always knew that she wanted to get married before she had her baby, and the heavily pregnant mom-to-be had made plans to finally walk down the aisle, and exchange vows with the love of her life, Raymond Bansemer, according to PIX11. But, just as she was getting ready for her wedding, she felt like there would be a slight dent in her plans. You see, her water had broken, despite her due date being a little over a month later, on December 6, 2021.

“I was very shocked,” Raquel told Inside Edition. “I was in the middle of applying my makeup, had a half-face of makeup on and the water broke and I ran to the bathroom. And I couldn’t believe it, I’m like, no this is not happening. But it did.”It seemed like the baby wanted to come with a bang and give them a Halloween scare. Eventually, the two changed their plans and rushed to the Hackensack Meridian Raritan Bay Medical Center to welcome the baby.

Once they were there, they tried to fulfill their wish of becoming a married couple before their baby arrived. “It was important to us, especially since we were engaged prior to the baby coming, we wanted to be married, husband and wife, having a baby,” Raquel admitted.

The medical personnel was courteous enough to help the couple when they expressed their wish. The personnel got to work, and before long, the drab old walls of the hospital were getting ready to host a wedding. Raquel wore a hospital gown and a sheet for her wedding gown, and she had a bouquet of yellow flowers in her hand. Nadia Aurora, a medical resident, went online to get ordained and then performed the ceremony in the hospital. There was no time to spend because the baby was about to arrive!

Needless to say, Raquel and Raymond were man and wife before they welcomed their precious little baby—named Lilith— into the world. “It was amazing what the hospital staff did to make sure our special day still happened, and they did such a wonderful job,” the mother said. The staff also marked the joyous occasion by arranging a cake for the happy couple, according to New Jersey 101.5!

Meanwhile, Theresa Dowd, the hospital’s spokesperson, said this was not the first time they were seeing a wedding take place in the hospital. But it, indeed, was a first when it came to a wedding being conducted in the labor and delivery unit.

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