Why This Hardworking father carries baby son on his back while carrying 50-kg sack at work?

Huge portions of parents’ pay go to childcare services and there is no denying that the cost of raising a child increases year after year. However, for those parents who cannot afford to spend much, they do not have other options but to bring their child to work, like this hardworking father.

A Facebook post that displays multiple photographs of a guy working diligently while carrying his infant on his back has lately gone popular. The father, whose name is unknown, is shown lugging a 50-kg load on his back with his son strapped to a carrier!

Every parent’s goal appears to be providing a child with an adequate and safe environment in which to grow up and play, yet some working parents simply cannot afford to send their child to a costly daycare center.

Ensuring that there is enough food on the table has become a bigger priority just like this poor, hardworking father. Working a full-time job and taking care of a child is never easy but it seems that this father is able to pull it off.

In spite of the apparent difficulty, the father continues to persevere for the sake of his baby son. When the post became viral on social media, some users criticized the father for exposing the son to possible dangers in his working environment.

However, many other users defended him, stating that he might have no choice but to bring his son to work. Whatever his reason was, we knew that he might have gone through a rough time and that he must have his reason to bring his son to work.

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