After losing her son dy two years before, a woman heard someone knock on her door and call “Mom, It’s Me”

After losing her son by two years before, a woman heard someone knock on her door and call her “mom” one bright morning. 12:00 p.m.That was the exact time Jane and Shawn Wiley lost their only child John. He had been rushed to the hospital straight from his school after he got stung by multiple bees and did not survive!

That tragedy shook the couple, and it took the better part of a year just for them to clean out his room. Even then, Jane would tear up each time the topic came up. Her husband fared better, but he also lost a part of himself due to grief. Two years after the ghastly incident, Jane heard someone knock on the door, and when she asked who it was, she heard a child’s voice say, “Mom, it is me.”

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She went on to open the door and saw an envelope addressed to her and Shawn on opening it there was a small note with an address: 813 Atwood Ave. She woke up and realized it was all a dream, but she went on to write down the address for reasons she can’t even explain.She went grocery shopping the next day and was running around to get things when she saw a large flier advertising a children’s clothing store. And on the bottom was the address in her dream: 813 Atwood Ave.

She went home to tell her husband about her encounter because the address seemed so familiar to her. They eventually learnt that the address was an orphanage with foster children and learned about the children that lived there. Jane noticed one child in particular and drove the next day to meet him. They discovered his name was Simon and that he had died in a car accident with his parents.

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He had αυтιѕм and was finding it hard to communicate with other people except for his imaginary friend. Simon always wanted to be the one to choose his parents and when he saw Shawn and Jane he knew they were the ones.

“My friend believes you are nice people, and he doesn’t want you to be alone any longer,” Simon added, looking up at them. He moved into John’s room and became a member of the family once they decided to adopt him.

In a way, Jane’s dream did very much come true. One day, there was a knock on the door and a child saying, “Mom, it’s me.” And it was her son Simon coming home from school.

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