The reaction of this woman when Young Plane Passenger Gives His First-class Seat To Her …

The kindhearted co-passenger selflessly swapped seats with an elderly woman so that she could enjoy the comforts of his first-class digs.
A Virgin Atlantic flight attendant named Leah Amy recently got a taste of the reason why this time of the year is known as the season of giving. Despite the fact that she has met several famous supermodels,

In her line of work, she was surrounded by athletes and actors, but it was an unexpected pair of random passengers who left a lasting effect on Virgin hostess. Amy told how a kindhearted guy had selflessly swapped seats with an elderly woman so that she might enjoy the delights of his first-class accommodations!

Amy shared this heartwarming story on Facebook. Since the post was shared on Facebook, the post has been shared almost many times and touched the hearts of several netizens who praised Jack’s selfless deed.

Man Gives First Class Seat to 88-year-old Woman & Makes Her 'dream' Come True

“Amazing young man,” one said. “You deserve a first-class ticket next trip from the airline. Love you to be my grandson.” Another added: “Such a beautiful story… are a wonderful Man to do this for her.”

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