This Mom Gets Bad Feeling when 3 Strangers Stare at Her 2-Yr-Old— When She Hears “Say Bye to Mommy,” She’s Gutted

In a viral Facebook post by Amanda Cropsey Florczykowski, one concerned mom is aiming to raise awareness about the dangers of sex trafficking that could be lurking in your own neighborhood. The near abduction that she experienced with her toddler in a local store exemplifies how these scams are often happening in the most unsuspecting places!

My name is Amanda, and I live in Longview, Texas. Yesterday, Early in the afternoon, I entered a local store’s check-out line. When I got my kid
I initially understood the woman’s body language and proximity to my cart/kids as a cultural barrier, but I rapidly got uncomfortable with her body language and proximity to my cart/kids.

When I picked up my baby, the woman asked if she may hold her. At this moment, the woman was so near to my daughter that she wrapped her arms around her before I could react.

In an instant her proximity finally changed and she backed away. I grabbed back on to my daughter as the woman was saying, “Say bye to mommy”—what an unusual comment to provoke a child to say. The woman resisted returning her when I physically pulled my daughter from her arms.

Know their conversation began immediately with me and this all took place over only a few moments. After this couple left, I was really shaken up but still noticed the man a few feet away in my peripheral vision, continuing to stand, by himself, with no groceries, in a closed check-out lane. He faced the opposite direction,

but was looking over his shoulder at me; glaring would be an understatement. His eyes did not leave my every move and I confidently matched his stare to show I was aware of his presence. I loudly conversed with the cashier about their security staff and the odd couple that seemed predatory. I’m thankful to Jesus that He alone protected us! I was able to get out and home safely with my family.

The thought of what could have happened is sickening. I’m just like you; a mom, and I hope my experience helps you to be, not fearful, but cautious! 2 Timothy 1:7 “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

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