Adorable toddler’s potty talk has daddy crying from laughter, This gives internet all the giggles. Watch it in the video below.

Aside from getting energetic kids into bed, potty training can be one of the most challenging tasks of early parenthood. Every kid is different, which means they learn at varied paces, too. Some children figure out how to transition from diapers into underwear straight away, while others require plenty of help and guidance.

And while we’re on the subject of potty training, this father-son duo makes it look like so much fun. Greg DeVito and his two-year-old son Matty’s amusing and emotional toilet training session video went viral in 2019!

Dani DeVito, Matty’s mother, was taping Matty and Greg’s talk in the restroom. With his onesie pulled up to his chest and striped socks concealing his small feet, the adorable youngster is seen seated on the potty-training toilet. In front of him, his father sat on the bathroom floor.

The DeVito family

As they were chatting, Matty suddenly broke out into a funny, gravelly, and slightly-Southern accent, which neither Greg nor Dani had heard from him before.“I didn’t poop. I peed!” the little guy said triumphantly.

Greg was taken aback by the change in Matty’s voice and the character he’s suddenly taken on. “Wait, you didn’t poop?” he asked. “No, I peed,” the toddler insisted. “I thought you pooped, too.” And comes the weird voice again… Greg was trying to contain his laughter so hard that he started to cry. The sweet boy sees his tears and is alarmed!

A dad sitting on the bathroom floor while talking to his toddler sitting on a potty-training toilet

“Is sad daddy?” he asked while tilting his head sideways to get a closer look at his dad’s face.
“No I’m not. I’m trying so hard not to laugh I’m crying. It’s funny. You’re a funny guy,” Greg assured him.Matty then reached out to him for a hug, which Greg said was incredibly heartwarming.

By now, we’re pretty sure this sweet toddler is already potty-trained. But if you need some laughs, here’s a look back on Matty’s giggle-inducing potty training session with his dad. Watch it in the video below.

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