You Will Cry If You Read The Reason Why This Little Girl Wore Daddy’s Boots to Kroger!

It’s not uncommon to come across a young girl in a grocery store decked out head-to-toe in her favorite Disney princess get-up. Or even a small boy sporting a Ninja Turtles costume, because you never know when you’ll need to fight crime!

It’s one of my favorite things really—coming across a child wearing something that makes them feel pretty or empowered, and not one-bit concerned with the judgments or thoughts of others.

That’s exactly what Katie Shuler came across in her local Kroger this week. Through tears, she shared her encounter with a little girl wearing some BIG boots on Facebook:

“I find myself sitting in the parking lot at Kroger trying to compose myself. You see, while inside getting groceries, I came upon a little girl prancing down the aisle making a crazy noise. I turned around to see this young lady wearing massive boots compared to her tiny body.”

At first, I just laughed and carried on with my shopping. I ended myself behind her and her mother in the checkout line. We started up a conversation, as good southerners do. I complimented the little girl on her footwear. She began to talk with a huge grin on her face.

She informed me that the boots were her father’s. His birthday would have been today, but he was killed in ‘Afghan Stan’ last year. She was allowed to wear his boots to make herself feel better about the day. I, like her mother, began to cry, as did the cashier.

Close up studio shot of usa flag and u.s. army patch on solders uniform. Studio shot of usa flag and u.s. army patch on | CanStock

Apparently, the gentleman behind me heard the story and gave the little girl a cupcake out of the dozen he was buying. He told the little girl to always eat a cupcake for her dad’s birthday. He told her that her dad was a hero and that she should be proud to be his daughter.”

Thousands of people were moved to tears by Katie’s article. We all needed a 4th of July post this week, and this was it. “Please remember why we are permitted to enjoy America,” she says as she wraps up her speech. Let us take a moment to remember those who fight for the freedom we so often take for granted!” This little child and her family are in God’s hands. We are eternally grateful for her father’s selfless act.

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