These Kids Prodigies Leave Everyone Speechless With Their Flawless Duet. Watch the Video below!

The sounds of an eloquently played piano filled the air at Broadway Plaza, a popular outdoor shopping area in California, one day, and everyone fell in love. There’s no telling whom the shoppers thought was creating such professional music,

but we doubt they could have guessed correctly. Even those who gathered around the source of the masterpiece couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw two 6-year-olds sitting at the public street piano, playing it as if it was second nature!

Without a single music sheet to assist him, one of the guys stayed for nearly a minute, thrilling the gathering. The second child occasionally joined in, providing lovely harmonies to the already lovely song. Their new admirers were deafeningly quiet as they listened to the children’s music, but when they were done, they erupted in applause – like they should!

Watch the breathtaking performance in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story.

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