Stranger Asks Her To Take Her ‘Shrieking’ Son Out Of Restaurant Until He Quiets Down, Waht Was the Reaction Of Mom Will Amaze You?

Trying To Enjoy Her Meal. Starting off her Reddit post, She (YG 20) were at restaurant with his boyfriend (22) explained that the restaurant she and her boyfriend went to one night in September 2021 wasn’t a “Michelin star-esque place,” but it still served well-prepared food and had a nice setting, so it was understandable that people who went there wanted to be able to enjoy their meal in peace.

A family was sitting roughly two tables away from YG and her boyfriend while they were there. The family consists of two parents and three children, the youngest of whom is approximately two years old. “While my boyfriend and I were enjoying our supper, the youngest member began becoming vegan for reasons I didn’t understand,” YG revealed. When I scream, I’m referring to an ear piercing that creates bodily discomfort.”

Mom Furious As Stranger Asks Her To Take Her 'Shrieking' Son Out Of Restaurant Until He Quiets Down

The child continued to scream for about 10 minutes. YG was pretty annoyed and just wanted to be able to enjoy the meal she paid for, so she decided to do something about the unpleasant environment. “I walked over to the family’s table, and asked if someone could take the child outside until it calms down since people are trying to enjoy their food,” YG said.

This didn’t sit well with the child’s mother and she told YG she needed to “show some compassion.” YG continued, “I responded by telling her that I paid to enjoy my meal, and that if she didn’t want her children to be quiet, then she needed to help everyone in the house. shop and take the child away. outside.”

Mom Asked To Take Crying Kid Out Of Restaurant By Stranger: AITA

Be A Better Parent. The mother proceeded to call over one of the waiters to tell them that YG was rude and made her uncomfortable, but other patrons stood up for YG and explained that the mother had continued to allow the child to cry while everyone else was trying to eat. “The parents left eventually, but not before shooting me an evil look,” YG explained.

After that, YG discussed the incident with one of her friends, who advised her that she should have attempted to be “kinder and more compassionate to the family, since being a parent is difficult.” YG, on the other hand, stayed firm in his belief that those who choose to have children should parent them better, and Reddit users agreed.

Mom Furious After Being Asked To Take Her 'Shrieking' Son Out Of Restaurant

While many people can sympathize with the fact that children are going to be kids and that parents certainly face a lot of difficulties along their parenting journey, it’s not fair that these Other people don’t do anything to the kids who simply don’t stop crying or yelling in public. Setting.

Do you agree with this woman’s actions or do you think she should give parents a break about their screaming child? Let us know and be sure to pass this on to any parents you know to find out what they think.


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