Can You find a hare?

Can you spare a moment of your time and find the hare that’s disguised in there somewhere? It’s not as simple as it looks. You might see one and the answer seems so simple to you but when you find out what the answer actually is,

you wonder how you could have fallen so far from the mark. That is the case with this puzzle, and it is stumping people with its simplicity!Set a timer for 30 seconds, scroll down, and see how long it takes you to spot all the odd ones out! Ready to go! All the best…

Can You find a hare?

Yes, the hunter is searching for the hare that appears to be a little scared. Keeping in mind the nature of the outdoors, we wouldn’t be surprised if he’s used the camouflage effect to disguise himself. Hurry, we know you can do it!!

ANSWER is here:

It’s time for the solution and you know what that means. Let’s see where the hare was hiding all along! Good luck!

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