This Woman Foud $100,000 In The Hotel Restroom and Takes Home. What Happened after that is Unbeliaveable

75-year-old Billie Watts, a grandmother in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, was using the restroom at a Cracker Barrel restaurant when she spotted a bag hanging from one of the stall doors. When she opened it, she found nearly $100,000 and a picture of two women. She told restaurant workers about it and left her number, but she kept the bag full of cash!

A short time later, Billie’s phone rang. It was a woman who identified the contents of the bag, so she and Billie decided to meet back at the Cracker Barrel. When they met in the parking lot, the woman ran up and hugged Billie, as Billie handed her the bag.

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The woman, with tears streaming down her face, said she was so grateful that Billie had found it, because it contained the only picture she had of her recently deceased daughter.

The money in the bag came from the sale of her daughter’s house and all of its belongings, and it was intended to help her daughter and son start a new life in Florida. Unfortunately, the woman’s daughter and grandson’s new lives were cut short. It’s possible that there was a horrific, sad accident.

Billie did the right thing, and when the woman offered her a $1,000 compensation for her honesty, Billie declined, claiming that she could never take something that wasn’t hers.

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