College student changes the bedding, stunned after openning the bed sheet. What she Found there Will Amaze You!

Recently, Chinese internet users spread a photo taken from the dormitory room of a girl second-year student. Accordingly, the sleeping mattress of this female student’s bed had a super-large round hole in the middle and the diameter could be equivalent to a large sink!

If it weren’t for the change of bedsheets, no one would have known about the existence of this “hole”.The person who changed the bed sheet might not understand why this hole appeared and even the owner of the mattress did not understand why. But when netizens saw this photo, many people realized that this came from the fact that the mattress has never been washed or cleaned during the past 2 years.

Normal people will feel uncomfortable when their bed is not flat. And it is impossible for the mattress to be destroyed so deeply that it loses the middle part of its user regularly spends time checking. This photo caused netizens to argue about the independence of students when entering the university or college.

Many people criticized this student for her poor hygiene and independence. One internet user commented: “It’s so dirty and terrible. You should change your habit.” Another user wrote: “You should learn about how to self-care and housekeeping skills”.

However, some other people understand that the mattress and pillows used in the dormitory are usually quite thin, so they are more prone to wear out and tear than those used at home.

How about you? What do you think about this story? Are you attentive things like this?

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