This cottage by the sea looks straight out of a storybook. Inside Of It You Will Feel Like you Are In a Fairy Tale

Have you ever wondered how the whimsical homes depicted in our childhood storybooks would look like in real life? If you have, you are not alone. As it turns out, we don’t have to rely on our imaginations anymore because there is a house in British Columbia that looks straight out of a fairytale!

The whimsical Winckler Cottage—named after its owner, Bruce Winckler—is a home that will take your breath away. This small dwelling sits on the shores of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, and it’s unlike anything you have ever seen.

A view of the Winckler Cottage from above

Although it’s called the Winckler Cottage, Bruce’s friends like to call it the “Hansel and Gretel Cottage.” It was constructed by two very talented folks from Lindcroft Custom Dwellings—Tim Lindberg and Daniel Huscroft. These men are also the brilliant minds behind the quaint design of the cottage.

Bruce is, indeed, a very lucky man. That’s because his charming home is built directly on an ocean inlet, which means he gets to see the whales and seals play. Once he steps foot outside, he can take in these incredible views and just watch the world go by!

Winckler Cottage

This lovely home is skillfully made, as evidenced by its intriguing and detailed exterior that boasts exquisite workmanship.  The roof is made up of cedar shakes, which were handmade and shaped to be able to fit the curves of the roof. Just imagine the time and effort it took to do all of that piece by piece!

The designers made sure the finishing details of the house still follow the theme. Spot the metal vent cap that is shaped like a mushroom! This piece is made by local metalwork artist Jake James.

The kitchen inside Winckler Cottage

Once you step inside, you might think you’ve entered a different house. That’s because its interior sports a modern, rustic look. For the house to be functional and apt for day-to-day living, the playful design had to be left at the door.

Bruce has an L-shaped kitchen that he loves, but he admits that if he were given the chance to do it again, he would add a full oven. Regardless, the wide counter space is proved to be practical and allows him to prepare meals comfortably.

The stairs going to the loft inside Winckler Cottage

The focal point of the living room is a stunning stone fireplace, which keeps the entire house warm and inviting during the winter months. A tiny table with two chairs is positioned near the window, providing excellent views of the ocean to everyone who sits on them. \

Every square inch of the house has been utilized to its full potential. All of the electronics in the house, as well as the water heater, are stored on the organically curved stairs that lead to the loft bedroom.

The bathroom inside Winckler Cottage

The sleeping loft upstairs has a modest style. Even so, it appears to be warm enough to sleep in. The steep pitch of the roof lends an air of refinement to the space, which is nonetheless open to the living room below.

The height of the whimsical cottage gives the house a light and homey feel; you wouldn’t feel cramped at all while inside. The natural materials used in the interiors also do a great job of making you feel at home. The bathroom of the Winckler Cottage is functional and equipped with all the necessities – a shower, basin, and a flushing toilet.

The living room inside Winckler Cottage

Despite its simplicity, the designers were able to incorporate a high level of artistry into its design. Bruce Winckler is very fortunate to call this magical cottage his home! Take a tour inside in the video below.

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