This man is Blind. If you Enter to this hospital…

A blind guy has been visiting an Edmonton hospital to cheer sick patients by playing the piano. Justin Whaling, who is completely blind, has been visiting the hospital four times a week to play the piano for years. “I’ve been completely blind since birth,” Whaling explained.

Whaling began playing the piano at the age of three, learning all of his tunes by ear. His grandma and a special piano teacher inspired him, and he has persevered and expanded his repertoire throughout the years!

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He says, “I know over 200 songs,” although he has lost two of his biggest fans, their gift to him will be with him forever. Hospital volunteer Jim O’Neill said, “It’s just wonderful to watch the joy Justin brings to so many people,” affectionately called the piano man, Whaling helps to make the day brighter for all those who are having a hard time there.

One woman said, “He’s an inspiration, if you’re going through difficult times like everybody has difficult times, it brings a smile.”

Whaling too is having a whale of a time playing the piano in the hospital, he says, “I feel like a star, right here on this piano,” he said, “this beautiful, wonderful piano.”

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